Mother drives throughout her town delivering formula to parents in need

Published: May. 24, 2022 at 11:25 AM EDT
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SEATTLE (KING) - One mom in Seattle started a Facebook group to help parents amid the formula shortage, and now she drives around town delivering formula to those struggling.

Jae Coleman has 5-month-old twins and thought she was alone when it became harder and harder to find formula. When she realized the span of the problem, she sought to help.

Coleman spends most of her day driving picking up and dropping off formula.

“I don’t talk about much else other than formula,” she said.

She created the Facebook page Find My Formula (Greater Seattle Area) after realizing the struggle parents in the area face.

“I got upset. I said, ‘Let me start this group and we’re going to find these babies some formula because this is ridiculous,’” she said.

With the miles ticking up, it’s become a 24/7 job.

“There are babies out here that are suffering. There are babies with medical conditions,” Coleman said.

She is helping babies like 3-month-old Valentina and her mom Dalia Lara.

“Some people have sample cans. It causes for us to feel just desperate,” Lara said.

Valentina needs a specialized formula or else she breaks out in a rash and spits up.

“So we have to go through this whenever I change formulas, she spits up even more, which is concerning because then I don’t know if she’s getting the proper nutrition,” Lara said.

That’s where fellow moms like Coleman have stepped in to help.

With Valentina seeming to recognize her formula, Lara has a couple of days before the stress of finding more returns.

Coleman spends nearly $2,000 on formula, and she has a list of more than 200 parents eagerly waiting to receive it.

The priceless items are given away for free.

“There are some families that can afford formula and they will pay me. I tell them I don’t accept money, but if they want to donate for the cause, they can,” Coleman said. “And I’ll use that money to buy formula for more families, and that’s exactly what I do.”

It gives moms at least one day of relief as they struggle with this shortage.

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