Sneads Ferry neighborhood installs license plate readers

Sneads Ferry neighborhood installs license plate readers
Published: May. 5, 2022 at 7:58 PM EDT
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SNEADS FERRY, N.C. (WITN) -One neighborhood in the east is bumping up its safety measures by adding automated license plate reader cameras.

The ALPR system scans plate numbers and then runs them through a national crime database for wanted criminals or persons of interest.

Chadwick Shores Homeowners Association voted to install the cameras in response to several crimes reported in the neighborhood over the past year.

“Last fall in the first three months that I had been the HOA president I had been contacted regarding some marine and fisheries violations that were going on around the docks of our neighborhood,” said HOA president Trisha Smith.

In addition, The Onslow County Sheriff’s Office says it responded to several car break-ins in the Chadwick Shores neighborhood in 2021. The sheriff’s office explained the legalities that go into a system like this

“It’s legal for them to purchase the equipment and set it up. Yes. However, the data that is collected from the license plate reader they cannot get the data,” said Col. Chris Thomas.

The sheriff’s office explained systems are connected to national crime databases that flag license plates that may be connected to crimes.

The license plate readers are installed in many communities across the country. Flock Safety LPR camera company representative Holly Beilin says, “So just to give you a little bit of scope we’re actually getting reports that we’re helping law enforcement solve more than 500 crimes every single day.”

The sheriff’s office says the suspect breaking and entering cars in the neighborhood has since been caught and arrested.

They say there have been no reports of car break-ins in the neighborhood since the arrest.

Flock Safety says the license plate pictures are stored in a cloud storage system. If plates are not connected to the criminal activity they are automatically deleted every 30 days.

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