Phillip’s Weather Trivia: Hurricane names with which first letter are retired the most?

A hurricane name is retired after it produces extreme damage or much loss of life
Published: May. 2, 2022 at 2:03 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - Hurricanes first earned names in the 1950s. In the beginning, names of Weather Bureau meteorologist’s spouses were used. Then a plan was devised to use a 6 year rotating list of names with each hurricane season having 7 names from English, 7 from French, and 7 from Spanish. In a typical hurricane season, 14 systems become tropical storms and are given a name. Once a storm causes extreme damage or extensive loss of life, that name is retired from the list and a replacement is chosen by the World Meteorological Organization.

Phillip's Weather Trivia Question May 2
Phillip's Weather Trivia Question May 2(WITN)

Each season begins with the letter A and alternates male and female seeming names. All letters have had at least 1 name retired, but the heart of the season tends to produce the most strong hurricanes. While there have been many strong hurricanes with the G letter, that isn’t the correct answer today. Make your choice and see the corrent answer below.

Phillip's Weather Trivia Answer May 2
Phillip's Weather Trivia Answer May 2(WITN)

The I names have been retired the most with 13 names taken off the list. We may recall Irene, Isabel, and Ione as powerful hurricanes which hit eastern NC. Here is how the other letters rank: F with 9, C with 9, D with 8, A with 7, H with 6, M with 6, G with 5, J with 5, E with 5, L with 4, K with 3, B with 3, N with 2, O with 2, R with 2, S with 2, P with 1, T with 1, and W with 1. - Phillip Williams

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