Phillip’s Weather Trivia: A sign lightning is about to happen

Here is something you can observe to let you know lightning may strike soon
Published: Apr. 26, 2022 at 1:53 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - In nature, creatures look for signs of danger which protects them. We humans also look for signs of danger to keep us safe. Lightning is a danger which strikes people every month of the year. So, knowing any signs it is about to happen can be helpful. Check out the question and read below to see the answer.

Phillip's Weather Trivia Question Apr 26
Phillip's Weather Trivia Question Apr 26(WITN)

Hint: It doesn’t get warmer just before lightning, so don’t guess that one. See below to see the correct answer.

Phillip's Weather Trivia Answer Apr 26
Phillip's Weather Trivia Answer Apr 26(WITN)

Yes, big raindrops are a sign lightning may be about to strike. In order for raindrops to grow large, there must be a strong updraft or rising air into the cloud. This motion can take raindrops high enough to freeze. It is the freezing process which separates electrical charges. When a raindrop freezes, the outer shell freezes first. When the inner core of the raindrop freezes, it bursts the outer shell off and those tiny ice pieces carry a positive electrical charge up to the top of the cloud. That leaves the lower part of the cloud negatively charged. As charges grow to a sufficient amount, a lightning strike will happen to equal those charges. So, if you see large raindrops, get inside and assume lightning is about to begin. - Phillip Williams

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