Parents concerned as child tax credits halted

Parents concerned as child tax credits are halted
Published: Jan. 14, 2022 at 9:02 PM EST
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JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - Monthly child tax credits were halted on Friday.

The credits, which were part of President Biden’s Build Back Better Plan, provide the largest child tax credit ever and historic relief to the highest number of working families.

Many families in Eastern Carolina voiced their disapproval of the stoppage.

“Maybe I need that for formula and maybe I’d like to make that choice, to be able to get that versus having to wait until tax time. Maybe putting it on a credit card. Maybe the car broke down that month,” David and Amy Seinen, parents of an infant said.

The stoppage comes as the approval for the bill is held up in the U.S. Senate. The House approved the bill.

“We see families from all backgrounds. We see families that have struggled with poverty and low income,” Kari Sanders, Onslow County Social Services director said.

A total of 36 million people across the country will be affected by the stoppage. The child tax credits gave up to $300 per child five and under and $250 per child between the ages of six and 17.

“I think it is going to have a significant impact ‘cause people have come to depend on those checks every month so now with those no longer being available, that’s going to impact them however they were using that money to help support their families,” Sanders said.

The Onslow County DSS offers a number of relief and assistance services for those in low-income households to provide financial help for groceries and various other bills and household necessities.

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