Shoppers deal with higher grocery bills as prices soar nationwide

Shoppers deal with higher grocery bills as prices soar nationwide
Published: Jan. 12, 2022 at 8:31 PM EST
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DUPLIN COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - Grocery store shoppers might be surprised at the numbers on the screen during checkout.

“I spend a lot of money, but it’s things that I need,” shopper Gladys Scarborough said.

Working as an in-home aid, Scarborough said she’s been getting groceries for the people she helps almost every day for the past six years. And prices have only gone up.

“Everything... but I’ve got to have it, they have to have it,” Scarborough said.

Jackson’s IGA Owner David Jackson said the increase in prices trickles down to the consumer, as the warehouse has recently started a price increase, forcing IGA to fork out more money to stock its shelves.

“They have had to go up and do a three percent increase across the board just for our end because we’re having to absorb so much of the payroll increase,” Jackson said.

He explained that the increase comes from the warehouse having to pay workers more and absorb higher gas prices.

To offset some costs, Jackson advises consumers to shop store brands.

“Most of the time store brands are packaged by major manufacturers and so all they do is they change the label and because you don’t have to pay for their advertising it’s usually a lower cost and it’s the same quality product,” Jackson said.

He said meats will become cheaper the further we get from the holidays, but past experience tells him once prices for other items go up, they usually don’t come back down.

Independent grocers claim they have different distributors that serve smaller areas and populations. Therefore, they say they are able to keep more items on the shelves compared to big-box grocery chains that serve bigger populations.

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