Man admits to having homemade bombs that injured two SBI agents

Man admits to having homemade bombs that injured two SBI agents
Published: Jan. 5, 2022 at 5:23 PM EST|Updated: Jan. 5, 2022 at 5:49 PM EST
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SAMPSON COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - A man pled guilty Tuesday to three counts of possession of a weapon of mass destruction in which two State Bureau of Investigation agents were injured.

The man was also charged with an unrelated offense of obtaining property by false pretense due to a $66 fraudulent return at a Walmart in Clinton.

District Attorney Ernie Lee says 36-year-old Jimmy Tyndall, of Dunn, was sentenced to an active prison sentence of a minimum of 1.4 years and a maximum of 2.5 years. After getting out of prison, Tyndall will be on probation for two years. Several other charges were dropped in exchange for his guilty pleas.

Lee says back on July 25, 2019, a Sampson County deputy pulled Tyndall over for speeding and sought backup including a K9 because Tyndall’s hands were shaking nervously and he was known to use drugs.

When deputies asked the man get out of his car and asked him if he had anything they needed to know about, he removed a syringe with a clear liquid in it. In addition to this, officers found drug paraphernalia and a green cord sticking out of the inside of the car between the driver’s seat and center console.

Lee says the cord was attached to a metal cylinder, which looked like a homemade bomb. Another cylinder with an unknown material was also found.

The officers closed the road and asked Tyndall about the devices in the car. He said he ordered them online and the smaller of the two was a mixture of potassium perchlorate and aluminum and the larger was an unknown substance, but when lit, would burn similar to a sparkler.

The state’s SBI Bomb Squad arrived and made sure everything was safe. Two agents went to Tyndall’s home, which was on his dad’s property, and found a burn pile that contained what appeared to be a detonated explosive device.

Lee says the officers got a search warrant. Inside his home, they found several buckets of unknown powders and other materials appearing to be fuels, oxidizers, smokeless powders, fuses, and suspected explosives.

The district attorney’s press release on the state’s evidence findings says, “They also located what appeared to be two explosive devices. One was a red cylinder with a long green fuse, covered with aluminum foil on its top. The other was larger and was located under a sink. It was a plastic jug wrapped in plastic and black tape with a green fuse sticking out.”

The press release says that the agents moved the devices and powders to an area away from the residence to be safely disposed of. Once the two devices were removed for analysis, the officers began to sample the powders for analysis and were going to dispose of them.

However, Lee says just before 1 a.m., a large explosion occurred.

Deputies, officers, and emergency medical workers arrived and found one of the bomb agents on his knees severely burned on his face, head, and arms. The other agent was also burned on his arms and shoulder, but trying to help his colleague. The agent who was on his knees was transported to the NC JayceeBurn Center in Chapel Hill.

Lee says the judge specifically ordered in this case that Tyndall not be allowed to possess any of the chemicals he used in the future and that he is to undergo substance abuse treatment while on probation.

The press release says Tyndall admitted that the weapons offenses resulted in serious injury to a law enforcement officer, but said he did not intend to hurt anyone. It says the two bomb squad agents are still employed with the SBI Bomb Squad and the plea was made in consultation with them, and that they were satisfied with the plea arrangement.

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