Sports Spotlight: A late bloomer to hoops, Ayden-Grifton senior Shearouse grows into one of state’s leading scorers

Shearouse is averaging 24 points per game this season
Published: Jan. 4, 2022 at 4:25 PM EST
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AYDEN, N.C. (WITN) - Ayden-Grifton boys basketball had a very big week making the Pitt County Holiday Tournament championship game.

Senior Christian Shearouse has been a driving force for the Chargers. We feature him in this week’s Pepsi Sports Spotlight.

“I started playing about (age) 13, I was a baseball player. I played year round so I threw my arm out,” says Ayden-Grifton senior Christian Shearouse, “When I took that summer off to heal from my injury I think I found where my passion was, basketball.”

Ayden-Grifton senior Christian Shearouse might have been a late bloomer to the game, but his baseball work ethic shows up on the court.

“When you look at his practice jersey after ever practice, he enjoys ringing it out to let you know how hard he worked,” says Ayden-Grifton head coach John Moye, “Which is kind of nasty a little bit but it’s a good thing.”

Christian also helps his team stay loose.

“He’s kind of a character kid, he’s funny man. He makes us laugh,” says Moye.

“We just pick in practice, You know make jokes,” says Christian, “But when it’s time to get serious. We know how to switch it over.”

The Chargers won 5 games in both their past two seasons. They already have 5 wins through 8 games this year.

“The want to win,” says Shearouse, “Coming from the players and the coaches, you can see that drive to finally turn it around.”

Christian says getting through the pandemic was a huge challenge for his team. But, they did it together.

“We got into the rec down the street. We all talked to each other, we found out ways,” says Christian, “We even spent times where we went to the outside courts and we play out there to just stay in shape. Just doing what it takes to win.”

All that work has turned Shearouse into one of the state’s top scorers. He’s averaging 24 points per game.

“He’s one of those guys who can shoot the ball but can also drive to the basket,” says Moye, “His mid-range, we’ve told him since day one, your mid-range is deadly.”

“I really owe it to them. They give me the confidence. They give me the green light to shoot,” says Shearouse, “I’ve spent countless hours in the gym in the summer working on my shot, working on my craft.”

Countless hours paying off not only for Ayden-Grifton, but toward Christian’s dream to play college ball.

“I am just now starting to hear from coaches. I got coaches coming out to see me play,” Christian says, “I talked to a coach not to long ago about going on a visit so it’s starting to pick up now.”

“He’s one of those coach’s dreams,” says Moye, “You enjoy having him on your team and that last game, whenever it may be, you are going to hate to see it end because you know it’s the last time you get to coach a kid like that. "

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