ENC school leaders, health experts look to kids returning to school under new protocols

Published: Jan. 3, 2022 at 7:44 PM EST
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CARTERET COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - As Christmas break nears its end, schools in Eastern North Carolina will be back in session with changed COVID-19 protocols yet again.

“The requirements from the state have changed and we have continued to pivot,” Dr. Rob Jackson, Carteret County Public Schools superintendent said.

Beaufort County Schools Superintendent Matthew Cheeseman had a similar message: “The protocols that we follow may look different based off of that strong kids’ toolkit.”

The update outlined in the latest state coronavirus toolkit eliminates quarantine time for exposed students who are fully vaccinated.

The guidance keeps exposed students in class as long as they are not feeling sick.

“If a student is not feeling well, we ask to keep them at home and that would be the truth whether we’re talking about the flu or COVID,” Jackson continued.

As students come back amid a jump in Coronavirus cases, one expert encourages parents to make sure they remain vigilant.

“The important thing for parents to do is to explain it to them, what it is, why it’s potentially a problem, and what it means for them as a child,” Dr. Ron May, CarolinaEast medical affairs vice president said.

May recommended that kids follow safety guidelines like washing hands and keeping their distance until the spike in cases reverses.

“Hopefully in just a few months and a little luck we’ll be past this, but no guarantees on that,” May said.

Masks in both Beaufort and Carteret counties remain optional. However, both counties will reevaluate masks Tuesday at their school board meetings.

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