Sports Spotlight: Following in her dad’s passion, Briley Koller captures shooting World Championship in her class

Edenton-Holmes student won all-around title in her class
Sports Spotlight: Following in her dad’s passion, Briley Koller captures shooting World Championship in her class
Published: Nov. 9, 2021 at 6:35 PM EST
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ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. (WITN) - The Old Hickory Gun Club in Rocky Mount is home to our Pepsi Sports Spotlight athlete this week. Registered Target shooting is scored competition with varied sized gauges. Edenton John A. Holmes student Briley Koller is a world champion now in her class. In just her first year competing.

“You see it, you follow it, and you shoot it,” says World Champion shooter Briley Koller.

When you grow up in a hunting family...

“Just naturally kind of took into that,” says Briley.

... Your dad is a former member of the navy shooting team...

“When I first started shooting and competing registered targets,” says Briley’s dad Tim Koller, “I made the all-Navy team in 2003 and shot for the Navy until 2011 when I got out. "

...and your name comes from a walk through the world registered target championship vender row.

“One of the manufacturers called Briley,” Tim says, “My wife looks at me and says that would be a pretty name for a little girl. I said, sold.”

It’s was only a matter of time before Briley Koller became interested in shooting.

“We shot and my scores were pretty well for my first time ever doing that,” says Briley, “I just remember leaving the field thinking that was so much fun.”

“Took to it like a duck to water,” says Tim, “So every weekend after that, we kept going to the range, going to the range. She kept getting better and better.”

With no push from her dad. The obsession became hers as well.

“Just started getting better, and better, and better,” says Briley, “Slowly but surely I was ready to start shooting registered targets.”

Briley began competing this year.

“I don’t really know if I am ready, maybe I should take another year,” says Briley, “I realized it doesn’t really matter that much it just matters what you gain from it.”

Traveling all over the United States in search of better scores.

“Going to all the bigger shoots, and seeing people win medals,” says Briley, “It’s kind of like I’m so hungry for one of those, I want one of those.”

A drive which earned her national recognition

“I won a pin at the U.S. Open,” says Briley.

and a spot at the World Championship in San Antonio, Texas.

“When you get there, it’s huge. There’s 50 fields,” says Briley, “There’s up top, on the middle, and on the bottom. You have to drive to all of them. There’s long roads to get there. There’s a facility, there’s a museum.”

No unreasonable expectations. Just show up and do her best.

“The whole week we were there, every day, I had more of drive, a hunger to get something.

Her best was incredible.

“There were only 4 registered rookie shooters there,” says Tim, “There were over 600 registered shooters there.”

Briley ended up with 3 medals there. A bronze, a silver and a big gold.

" I told her I think you won E class! You need to get down to the stadium so they can announce you and take your picture,” says Tim. “She actually stole my rental car and took off and went down there.”

“So I raced down there,” says Briley, “It didn’t really hit me how excited I was until they called my name. It was like slow motion running down the steps of the bleachers and running down onto the field and standing there.”

All of it achieved alongside her dad.

“It’s very special to me,” says Briley, “Being able to go out there and shoot with him. It’s not just like a he’s coaching me, it’s kind of mutual, now.”

Briley plans to continue shooting and move up through the classes. She hopes to become the best of all the best someday.

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