NC fan recalls events firsthand from AstroWorld

Published: Nov. 8, 2021 at 7:31 PM EST
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JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - Marquis Wideman from Salisbury, North Carolina was at the Travis Scott’s AstroWorld music festival when the crowds began to surge leaving at least eight people dead.

“You had to be a part of the chaos in order to you know, survive,” Wideman said.

“Me and the person I was with,” he continued, “We were positioned on the far left or the far right stage however you want to look at it; and once the timer started getting closer and closer to zeroing out, we unintentionally got pushed from the far left, far right of the stage into the middle of the crowd like in the middle of the stage. We were content with where we was at. We didn’t even want to move anywhere, but the crowd like pretty much forced us like to move into a whole other direction from where we were at.”

Onslow County Deputy EMS Director Stacie Miles said she noticed crowd compressions when looking at some of the videos.

“Some of what you see in the video here that you’re showing me, this is essentially a choke point where you’ve got more people pushing behind into a small space, so it acts like a funnel. And when the back starts moving and the front isn’t moving at the same space is where you get that compression on the front,” Miles said.

Lawsuits towards the rapper and Live Nation have begun to come in, but Wideman feels the blame is to be shared.

“I would say it’s easy to put the blame on Travis Scott because he is the person whose name is attached to this. But I think the responsibility should be shared amongst several other different types of people. I think it should fall on security. I think it should fall on the event planner.”

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