Onslow County Solid Waste debuts new shredder

Onslow County Solid Waste debuts new shredder
Published: Nov. 3, 2021 at 8:19 PM EDT
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JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - Onslow County Solid Waste has a new shredder that will prolong the life span of its landfill as well as improve waste compaction.

The VZ 950 Titan shredder was purchased by the county for $816,512 to cut out the $443,000 bill the county would’ve had to pay if it continued using a third-party contractor to shred large solid waste products.

The Titan is the first landfill tip-deck shredder in the state of North Carolina and the East Coast, according to Randy Vanover, Onslow County Solid Waste director.

County officials say the shredder, nicknamed “The Bandit,” can shred 600 tires in an hour, and more than 1,000 tires in a day. The shredder is expected to pay back the more-than-$800,000 price-point within three years of operation.

“With this Bandit, we’re able to do tires, mattresses, couches, chairs; stuff that would basically go into the landfill and take up space. Now we can shred it. A large king-size mattress that would basically just sit there as fluff taking up air space will basically break down into the size of a 5-gallon bucket,” said landfill supervisor Michael Russell.

The shredded tires have the added benefit of acting as a waste barrier to assist with the cover of the landfill which helps keep layers separated, control erosion, minimize odor, and prevent the spread of litter.

The shredder will also preserve the life span of the landfill which is projected to be full by 2041, according to landfill directors. Officials say that lifespan was likely going to be shortened due to the amount of large solid waste brought to it after Hurricane Florence.

Officials say the landfill was taking in three times the monthly average of trash in one month due to the hurricane.

“The longer and the better we can compact our trash, the more we can break down this product to reduce the surface area that it takes up, the longer we can be here and work in this area; saving the taxpayers money, which keeps us going.”

Michael Russell, landfill supervisor

The shredder can dispose of concrete material by turning it into gravel for use on roads at Onslow County facilities. It can also turn vegetative debris into mulch.

The magnet on the end of the shredder extracts the shredded material that is later recycled.

In a final statement, Vanover said, “We have a lot of counties along the coast that are very interested in what we’re doing here. Having the only shredder on the tipping deck — and that’s all of North Carolina — that’s pretty exciting. I think it’s pretty impressive for Onslow County.”

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