Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Tournament sees big field, big fish and expect to make big donation to town’s fire department

Three week long event ended Saturday
Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Tournament wraps up for 2021.
Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Tournament wraps up for 2021.(WITN)
Published: Oct. 25, 2021 at 4:46 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - The Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Tournament got reorganized 5 years ago. The three week long, 5th annual event wrapped up on Saturday night.

It is quite the fighting fish. We were told its sort of like winning the lottery to actually hook a big one in the tournament.

The cause for the tournament is a bigger reward than the fish.

“With the weight of 39.7 pounds hooking and booking.”

“If there is bait around, there is going to be Kings,” says ‘Hookin n Bookin’ Captain Bryan Schultz, “We caught a couple early and we got our shot early. We got on the board the second day.”

“You could be sitting out there all day and the next thing you know you have a smoker is what they call it and it’s peeling drag,” says ‘Hookin N Bookin’ fisherman Mark Prawdzik, “And when it does hit it it does feel good.”

“A great tournament. A lot of large fish, much larger than the ones last year put on the board,” says Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Tournament Secretary and Treasurer Renea Baker.

“Almost 160 boats this year,” says Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Tournament President Curt Winbourne, “All our fish the fisherman actually donate to the tournament. When they weigh fish it goes to the tournament, and that money, the fish are sold, and the money is given to the fire department.”

“1st place at 56.12 pounds ‘Xcessive Risk’ and Athan Parker is the captain.

“The fire department is still the main benefactor of it. We’ve benefited greatly from this tournament,” says Atlantic Beach Fire and EMS Chief Michael Simpson, “What gets me about this tournament is the people are almost giddy about the fact they are putting so much money back into their fire department. They are seeing the improvements with our beach trans, our ocean rescue lifeguards, life pulse machines on our ambulances, our services are improving. They are helping us do our job better.”

“Tim just told us he wants to donate 10% of his winnings back to the fire department! Thank you Tim!”

“We are happy and couldn’t be more blessed to support the Atlantic Beach Fire Department,” says Prawdzik.

“Athan said the same thing he will donate 10% of his winnings.”

“It’s a great event with a nice little fishing tournament,” says Title Sponsor Tom Hemby, Tom Hemby Real East at Realty World, “The cause, and what is promoted, it’s to help the fire department. The things we are able to do for them are insurmountable. Just something to town can’t do. The town supports them very well, but there’s just certain things they cannot do, that makes their jobs that much easier.”

The tournament has donated 120 thousand dollars to the Atlantic Beach fire department over the past 4 years. They believe they’ll donate well over 50 thousand more this year.

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