Trial for Camp Lejeune Marine concludes, but questions and allegiances remain

Published: Oct. 15, 2021 at 6:28 PM EDT
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JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - Military court judge Col. Glen Hines issued a letter of reprimand in the court-martial of Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller on Friday morning at Camp Lejeune.

The letter of reprimand called for a forfeiture of $5,000 pay for a month from Scheller which is over half his monthly income.

Scheller was ordered a special court-martial after creating several social media posts criticizing the military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In one of his videos, Scheller made comments pertaining to changes he felt were necessary in the military. The Marine used revolutionary rhetoric, saying in one video, “Follow me and we will bring down the whole system.”

Scheller spoke to reporters briefly before the proceedings Friday, saying, “We left it all on the table so we’ll see what they do. I feel good about everything that I said. We’ll see.”

Scheller’s attorney Tim Parlatore spoke after the ruling.

“I think that the judge’s decision was very fair. He definitely considered all of the facts. I think that this is a good and just sentence, so we’re very pleased with the result here.”

Tim Parlatore, Scheller’s attorney

During the court-martial, it was determined that Scheller’s medical records had been leaked between the time he posted the videos on social media and was ordered to receive a mental health assessment. He was placed in pre-trial confinement by his commanding officer Col. David Emmel.

Parlatore said he feels there should be an investigation into who leaked Scheller’s medical records.

“When senior leaders, when certain people decide to take certain actions — like leaking medical records, like putting somebody in pre-trial confinement for an offense such as this where there is no risk of flight, but they put in something false — that there should be consequences.”

Tim Parlatore, Scheller’s attorney

Parlatore said he felt those responsible for the leak should be held to the same accountability as Sheller, and referenced the judge’s statements in court.

“The court is not the proper venue for this, but somebody should investigate and prosecute because whoever leaked Lt. Col. Scheller’s records, and whoever went out there to do what they did to hurt him, they should be in this courtroom,” said Parlatore.

Scheller is still waiting to hear whether or not the honorable discharge request listed in his plea deal will be granted.

Alan Hoyle, a Jacksonville resident and retired Marine, stood on Freedom Way in Jacksonville Friday afternoon in support of Scheller, and called him “a true marine.”

“Marines say that we leave no man behind. So I just want him to understand that there’s other people — there’s marines — that are behind him and backing him all the way,” said Hoyle.

The discharge decision will be made by the secretary of the Navy, Carlos Del Toro.

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