Members and allies of LGBTQ community speak out against Lt. Gov. Robinson’s comments

Published: Oct. 12, 2021 at 6:33 PM EDT
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JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - North Carolina democratic representatives took the podium Tuesday morning to speak out against the remarks made by North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson.

When speaking at Asbury Baptist Church, Robinson described books in school libraries with references to the LGBTQ community as “filth” and said that this type of information should not be allowed in North Carolina schools.

State representatives Marcia Morey and Vernetta Alston of Durham County and representative Allison Dahle of Wake County spoke out against the lieutenant governor.

“Hate and name-calling has no place in the public discourse,” Morey said.

Alston said, “Events over the past week only motivate us to do more here to make things better.”

Dahle added, “Conversations that have happened in the past week are painful.”

Lillith Campos, vice-chair of the Onslow County LGBTQ Community Center also spoke out in response to Robinson’s remarks.

“First of all, I’m not filth. I’m a person just like anybody else. Those kind of comments kind of incite violence towards the LGBTQ community,” said Campos.

Jenna Franks was a transgender woman from Jacksonville who was murdered and found in February.

The FBI is still investigating the murder of Franks in what they describe as a possible hate crime.

Dennis Biancuzzo, executive director of the Onslow County LGBTQ Community Center remembers the case well.

“I believe that the FBI and the Jacksonville Police Department are doing what they can do to find the murderer of Jenna Franks,” Biancuzzo said.

Biancuzzo responded to Robinson’s remarks by saying, “I agree. If there are depictions of sexual activities within a book — and I don’t care what kind of book, whether it be a heteronormative book or an LGBTQ book — it doesn’t belong in our school system. With that said, I do believe that there is a need for some type of education.”

Biancuzzo also called on Republican state representatives in Onslow County to speak out as well.

“Individually — one on one — when you sit down with them, they represent themselves as being caring people who want to be interested. But in all honesty, what I see is — many times — a fear that they will have other Republicans within the party put them down if they do follow through and show full representation.”

Dennis Biancuzzo, executive director of the Onslow County LGBTQ Community Center

Lt. Gov. Robinson held a press conference Tuesday afternoon refusing to resign from his position and saying he does not hate the LGBTQ community.

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