COVID-19 clusters continue, parents and officials voice concerns

Published: Sep. 15, 2021 at 7:33 PM EDT
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ONSLOW COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - Onslow County Schools released data showing the number of COVID-19 clusters in schools.

The data shows eight schools with COVID-19 clusters in the school system. Clusters are when a school has more than five active cases at a time.

Ida Faison, who works at a daycare in Jacksonville and has two children in Onslow County Schools, is becoming concerned after finally seeing school data on COVID-19 cases, despite having to wait several weeks to see it.

“My daughter in middle school comes home and says this kid has it. This kid has it. They came to school, they were sick, and so forth.”

Ida Faison

The school system is now urging parents to treat child illness with more caution.

“The most important message about what we’re looking at here is that this is a community effort. What can we do as a community to support the health of our schools? Parents understand that if your child is not feeling well, keep them home. Don’t send kids to school sick.”

Brent Anderson, chief communications officer, Onslow County Schools

Whitney Jezek, child health nurse supervisor of the Onslow County Health Department, spoke on the importance of members of the school system and the community continuing to do what is necessary to right the ship.

“We’re all doing things that we may or may not feel are the perfect fit for us, but we’re doing it [so] we can move forward. And moving forward to a healthier community is going to be through wearing our masks, washing our hands and vaccinating those that can be vaccinated that want it.”

Whitney Jezek, Onslow County Health Department child health nurse supervisor

The Onslow County Health Department is offering regular school vaccinations as well as COVID-19 vaccinations at special after-hours clinics. The date and times are located on the health department’s website.

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