Carteret Community College holds 9/11 memorial

Published: Sep. 10, 2021 at 12:19 PM EDT|Updated: Sep. 10, 2021 at 7:53 PM EDT
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MOREHEAD CITY, N.C. (WITN) - Carteret Community College held a 9/11 memorial Friday, a day ahead of the 20-year-anniversary of the attack on the twin towers.

A somber feeling is how speakers described their feelings at the program when thinking about the tragic events that occurred 20 years ago.

Many of the residents in attendance were not even born on that fateful day 20 years ago but were still gripped by the moment and the lessons they have learned about the event.

“I know a lot of innocent people’s lives were taken and families lost their dads, uncles, aunts, mothers. Even though we weren’t alive then, we wanted to make sure everybody that has served still knows that we appreciate them.”

Sutton Godwin, "A Sea of Learning" home-school student

The President of Carteret Community College Tracy Mancini reflected on the World Trade Center saying, “When I was an intern between my junior and senior years in college I worked at the World Trade Center, and my first job after college was there.”

Chief Jamie Fulk of the Morehead City Fire Department was the speaker for the program and recounted the events the morning of 9/11 referencing the president’s trip to a second grade class in Florida to listen to stories read to students.

After his speech, Fulk reminisced on hearing the alarm in the fire station signaling a firemen had been motionless for an extended period of time.

“To hear those alarms and know those people were in trouble and unable to do anything from hundreds of miles away was devastating,” said Fulk.

Katherine Parker of the Carteret Community College Board of Trustees gave her sentiments of appreciation to the first responders.

“We respect our first responders in this community and I think the ceremony showed that today. I’m very honored that we got to show all of these first responders how much they mean to us in the community,” said Parker.

The Morehead City Fire Department held the responsibility of raising and lowering the flag during the ceremony.

Carteret Community College gave complimentary red and white carnations and a commemorative flag to those in attendance to lay at the memorial tree.

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