ECU student petitions for dog law change after child mauled to death

Published: Sep. 8, 2021 at 8:38 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - There’s a petition circulating online to euthanize dogs that have killed humans without being provoked.

‘Jayden’s Law’ is named after 7-year-old Jayden Henderson, who was killed by two dogs in Garner on April 27.

The petition was started by Jayden’s babysitter and ECU freshman Kinley Borum. She was inspired to create it after finding out the dogs that killed Jayden were still alive.

“She was my friend and I’m going to advocate for her in every way I possibly can,” Borum said. “The fact that they haven’t been put down yet and that they’re still alive is disgusting.”

With more than 7,300 signatures, Borum’s petition challenges NC Senate Bill 994. The law allows owners of dogs that have killed a human to apply for a dangerous dog permit. The goal of the petition is to tweak the law by denying dogs that have killed humans unprovoked from getting a permit and have them humanely euthanized.

Jayden’s parents, Dave and Heather Henderson fully support the petition. They hope no other parent has to endure the pain they’ve gone through.

“It just wasn’t real,” Heather said. “It’s not anything anyone would expect to happen.”

The two dogs involved, Athena and Blitzen, have been in the custody of the Wake County Animal Center since the April 27 attack.

The owners, Joseph and Amanda White, hope to keep the dogs alive. WITN reached out to them for comment but did not hear back from them.

They have an Instagram page in support of their dogs not being euthanized.

The couple published a post that reads the following:

“All we have asked from the beginning was our due process and our civil rights to be given. The parents have intervened on this every time knowing that these dogs are our only children and plan to do so again at the next court date.”

Amanda and Joseph will appear before a Wake County judge on Friday, September 10.

Garner Police say the mother and daughter were helping care for the dogs while the owners were out of town when the dogs attacked.

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