Kinston mother claims teacher failed to report 6-year-old son’s COVID-19 symptoms

Published: Sep. 7, 2021 at 8:37 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - A Kinston mother claims her child was sick with COVID-19 at Northeast Elementary School and a teacher didn’t let her know that her son was ill.

Tanisha Foy says her 6-year-old son, Aureyon, looked sickly when he came from school last Friday.

“He was pale looking, lips dry and his eyes were red,” Foye said.

When she took his Aureyon’s temperature, she says he had a 103-degree fever. She claims earlier that day, around noon after a nap at school he told his teacher he wasn’t feeling so well.

“He said all I did was wake up mommy and I felt bad,” Foye said. “That was his exact words. And I said did you tell the teacher and he said yes. I never got a call or anything.”

On Saturday, Aureyon was taken to UNC Lenoir Health Care where he tested positive for COVID-19. He’s currently recovering from home.

Lenoir County Public Schools Spokesman, Patrick Holmes, weighed in on the situation. He was unaware the teacher didn’t report Aureyon’s symptoms, but he knew his mother contacted the school when he tested positive.

“Well I can’t comment on what happened in the classroom because I don’t know exactly what the child said to the teacher,” Holmes said. “My understanding is that the mom called the school (being the principal) to let us know that there was a positive (meaning her son) which was the right thing to do.”

There are COVID-19 protocols set in place in all Lenoir County Public Schools. If a teacher or school nurse notices a child has symptoms; a child is eligible to get a rapid COVID-19 test at school. The child’s parents must sign a permission slip and return it to the school in order for their child to get tested.

You can find COVID-19 updates from Lenoir County Public Schools here.

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