Animal lives at risk if not adopted in Beaufort County

Animals lives at risk if not adopted in Beaufort County
Published: Aug. 4, 2021 at 10:21 PM EDT
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BEAUFORT COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - Some animals’ days could be numbered at the Beaufort County Animal Shelter because the shelter is completely full, making it difficult to take in any more rescues.

Pets can be a great addition to a family and the Beaufort County Animal Shelter has many to choose from.

Ashley Jarvis is an animal control officer and says during the summer months, kitten and cat season are hectic at the shelter.

The shelter typically becomes overrun with feline friends needing a home. Jarvis says adoptions are pretty steady but the shelter is getting to the point where it is getting more in than it can adopt out.

She also says the shelter hasn’t euthanized a friendly animal in over a year, but with the shelter at capacity, the dogs’ and cats’ time could be limited.

One thing you can do to prevent an overrun at local animal shelters is to get your dogs and cats spayed and neutered to prevent unwanted litters and animals.

Another way to help is to stop by the shelter and see if you are able to adopt an animal.

And if you aren’t able to adopt a pet, you can always foster one!

For more information, head to the Beaufort Animal Control website.

Beaufort County Animal Control says you’re required by law to report any stray animal you see so it can be taken in and evaluated before being put up for adoption.

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