New school year starts for some eastern Carolina high schools

New school year starts for some eastern Carolina high schools
Published: Aug. 4, 2021 at 7:13 PM EDT
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HAVELOCK, N.C. (WITN) - Summer is beginning to wind down for most students but some are already back in the classrooms for the start of a new school year. In Craven County, Early College High Schools went back on Monday.

At Early College East in Havelock, students are beginning to settle into a new year but it’s certainly taking some getting used to after a tough year of mostly virtual learning.

“It’s a bit of an adjustment getting back into school while I was doing computer school I really wanted to be in that social environment and now that I’m back you know you gotta crawl before you can walk and readjust to that environment,” said high school junior Nicholas Glover.

Glover is not alone his fellow classmates like Chole Book and Faith Ellison say they are hoping to take advantage of more time in the classroom with their teachers.

“I’m hoping that you learn a bit more, it was harder last year to really retain everything it was like you were listening to a podcast or watching a video it was hard to connect but now that we’re back we can connect with our teachers and do group projects,” said Book.

Ellison said, “I feel like I missed a step, like I know I completed sophomore year but it’s just a big gap.”

Their teachers share that sentiment, Social studies teacher John Nelson says students struggled last year and he’s hoping this year will result in better grades and participation from his students.

“As the students mentioned it’s been a transition but I think things are already off to a better start than last year. Students are able to get into the swing of things and interact with each other and that’s a huge thing,” explained Nelson.

The Craven County Board of Education made masks optional for high school students this year, but officials say many safety protocols and enhanced cleaning practices are still in place.

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