Summer school shows positive results for students in Craven County

Summer school shows positive results for students in Craven County
Published: Jul. 15, 2021 at 7:30 PM EDT
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NEW BERN, N.C. (WITN) - Many students around the state are winding down their time in summer school, and for students in Craven County the additional learning has proved to be incredibly beneficial.

The school system offered students six weeks of extra time in the classroom after a tough year because of the pandemic where most of their time was spend learning virtually.

Teachers like Ginny Mangum who spent her summer with fourth and fifth-grade students, this time allowed her to give kids more one-on-one time.

“It was an opportunity to see them grow in the areas they needed. Individually a lot of times in a large classroom we don’t always have the opportunity to meet with small groups because there is always a lot going on in a regular classroom,” said Mangum.

The extra time was largely successful according to Mangum who says students were given a pre-test at the start of the program to see where they were excelling and what areas they needed additional help with, and they took that same test again on Thursday.

“The amount of growth shown just in six weeks in that period of time was tremendous. Some kids went up a whole grade level, some kids went up a few months but everybody in my group showed growth,” explained Mangum.

While learning was the primary focus of summer school, the staff also tried to make it fun. Exceptional Children’s Teacher Kimberly Lassiter says for her students that was just as beneficial as their time in the classroom.

“We tried adding that little bit of recess in the morning and trying to add a little bit more fun and summer camp type things and everybody is always so excited to come and they are tired when they leave,” said Lassiter.

Teachers say that extra bit of fun helped the students form connections with their classmates which are something they largely missed out on during virtual learning.

“They had daily contact with their peers, they had activities that they could do with their peers, the communication with their peers, they were able to go to music, they were able to go to PE,” said Mangum.

Summer School for Craven County students officially ends on Friday, July 16th.

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