Phillip’s Weather Trivia: Tropical storm eyes

The center of a hurricane is called an eye. Do tropical storms have eyes as well?
Published: Jul. 6, 2021 at 2:31 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - You’ve probably heard of the eye of a hurricane, the calm center of the storm around which all the wind and rain blow. For today’s trivia question, I ask whether a tropical storm has an eye or not.

Trivia question July 6
Trivia question July 6(WITN)

To arrive at your answer, think about how an eye is made. Winds need to reach a certain strength before they begin to pull apart and allow a calm center to develop from sinking air. In other words, as wind spins around, it must reach a certain speed before an eye will develop. While tropical storms attain high enough winds to earn a name, are they strong enough to cause an eye to form? See the answer below?

Trivia Answer July 6
Trivia Answer July 6(WITN)

The tropical system earns a name when winds reach 39 mph and it becomes a tropical storm, however an eye doesn’t form until winds reach 74 mph and it becomes a hurricane. It takes that much force of spinning air to then produce a calm center point. The width of the eye can vary with some hurricanes having 5 to 10 mile wide eyes while others can be more than 30 miles wide. It is often the small eyes which have the strongest winds around them. The eye is the calm center and often has clear skies. - Phillip Williams

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