Tenants still protected under CDC moratorium as last day of June ends state moratorium

Published: Jun. 30, 2021 at 7:30 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -Many North Carolinians facing the threat of eviction can still remain in their homes through July 31.

This comes despite state leaders voting on Tuesday to let a statewide eviction moratorium directive lapse at the end of June.

Eligible renters can fill out a form from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and give it to their landlord if they face eviction because they are unable to pay their rent.

The expiration of Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s moratorium is unlikely to cause mass eviction. In a press release Gov. Cooper issued a statement saying, “It’s disappointing to see Council of State Members revoke eviction protections for people still struggling to stay in their homes[...]Many North Carolinians still need help and we will work to make sure landlords abide by the CDC evictions moratorium and that tenants can access rent and utility assistance from counties and the state HOPE program.”

Gov. Cooper reminded North Carolinians of the HOPE NC program created last year as a financial relief that would prevent people from having to congregate and gather during the height of the pandemic.

The HOPE Program opened a new eligibility period this spring and is currently accepting applicants. Several counties are also delivering Emergency Rental Assistance through local programs, and their information may be found at the HOPE website. The state evictions moratorium had protected HOPE awardees from eviction. The Council of State decision means that people awarded HOPE funds may be at risk of eviction until checks are processed, an average currently of about 14 days. As of June 28, the HOPE Program had awarded $66 million to 19,000 households since May 17.

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