Phillip’s Weather Trivia: When high temperatures happen

Between Beaufort, Engelhard, and Greenville, which has the daily high temperature later in day in summer
Published: Jun. 30, 2021 at 4:10 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - In Phillip’s Weather Trivia today, I’m asking which place has the summer daily high temperature to happen latest in the day. The locations in question include Beaufort, Engelhard, and Greenville. In thinking of an answer, consider breezes off the water and how they may impact when high temperatures occur. Here is the question:

Phillip's Weather Trivia Question June 30
Phillip's Weather Trivia Question June 30(WITN)

Think about the sea breeze. During the morning, the sun begins to heat up the land. Land warms much faster than ocean or sound water. We know hot air rises, so by late morning in the summer, air begins to rise over land which causes cooler ocean air to blow inland. This should give you a good clue. What is your answer? Check below.

Phillip's Weather Trivia Answer June 30
Phillip's Weather Trivia Answer June 30(WITN)

Since Beaufort is near the Atlantic Ocean, a sea breeze begins around noon, so this is usually the time of highest daily temperature there. Engelhard is located by the Pamlico Sound, so it gets a similar wind action, thus its daily high temperature also happens fairly early compared to the rest of Eastern NC. Greenville is not near a large body of water, so in the summer, the daily temperature climbs until the sun gets low in the sky. Highs in Greenville often happen around 4 or 5 pm on summer afternoons. So, the answer is Greenville. Look for my next weather trivia question on WITN News at Noon. - Phillip Williams

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