Common Cold cases increase raising concerns for small children as new variants of COVID-19 arise.

Updated: Jun. 17, 2021 at 9:54 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - Recent reports from medical experts around the country show a rapid uptick of common cold/flu cases in the United States.

With the country still not at the herd immunity level for COVID-19 vaccinations, pediatric professionals are concerned for children below the vaccination age, as summer camps begin.

“As your kids are going to summer camp and that kind of stuff you’re going to see more exposure to those type things[...] what it shows us is that masks did a great job of helping to prevent COVID obviously, but it also did a great job of preventing whether it be the common cold, or strep or stuff like that,” said Nathan Morgan of Pirate Pediatrics.

With mask guidelines being eased by federal and local governments, the concern now arises as to whether new variants will have more of a likelihood of infecting smaller children whose immune systems may be compromised by common cold/flu infections.

Despite the recent numbers some parents like Isley Ivey, aren’t as worried about the risk of infection for their children saying, “She’s been pretty healthy and her diet is probably healthier than most kids her age. That’s mostly what we focus on in our house; is we’re kind of big on diet, our you know, how we take care of our bodies.” Ivey says she had COVID-19 while taking care of her daughter and had her tested several times, all of which came back negative.

Pediatricians suggest that parents, whether they choose to keep their smaller children masked or not, should continue to thoroughly sanitize their children and their play areas as well as frequently washing both the child, and items of clothing they may wear throughout the day should they attend summer programs or interact with other small children outside of the home.

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