Child Life program at Maynard Children’s Hospital making life easier for kids

Updated: Jun. 1, 2021 at 9:06 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -For patients and families at Maynard Children’s Hospital, there are good days and bad days. A program called ‘Child Life’ is all about making life in the hospital a little easier.

Seizures from viral encephalitis, which causes inflammation in the brain, brought Stephanie Woodley’s son Caleb to the hospital in December 2016.

Woodley says, “I said, ‘what if the Lord takes him? What do we do then?’ And you know, having your child in the hospital not being able to fix it, not being able to help, that’s really hard.”

With Caleb in the pediatric ICU for nine weeks, five of them in a medically induced coma, fear and worry were inevitable. But there were angels by their side.

Chelse Cudmore, PICU Child Life Specialist says, “I get to meet children and families on the worst day of their life and follow them through their journey.”

Christy Denius, Child Life Assistant Manager says, “What we try to do is take that burden off of families and take that burden off of patients to know that there’s somebody here that they can just talk to. They might just need a hug for the day. We can put our arms around them and say it’s going to be okay.”

From giving kids games and an opportunity to forget where they are to walking them to procedures and explaining their diagnosis, the 11 team members of Child Life go above and beyond to make this hospital a home away from home, making the hospital a less scary place.

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