Coastal businesses struggle to find enough employees

Published: Apr. 5, 2021 at 7:07 PM EDT
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BEAUFORT, N.C. (WITN) - As the weather warms up, more people are packing up and heading to the Crystal Coast, but the influx in visitors exacerbates businesses struggling with low staffing levels.

The Beaufort Hotel is hosting a hiring event next week because they have so many open positions. Hotel Manager Peter Grills says they aren’t just looking for seasonal help either, but they have quite a few full and part-time jobs.

“We need housekeepers, front desk associates. The restaurant is busy every day of the week. Really there’s a great need for many different positions,” explained Grills.

The lack of available employees is not unique to The Beaufort Hotel though. Experts at the Crystal Coast Economic Development Authority say there are more than 800 job openings within Carteret County.

“We’re hearing from a lot of our employers that they could expand, they could expand hours, expand efforts, business operations if they could find workers to work in their businesses,” said Economic Development Officer Michele Querry.

It’s also an issue that’s plaguing other counties in the region as well, and so far, Querry says they still aren’t sure why there is a problem finding people.

“We really don’t know why it’s such a problem. We also know we’re not the only county experiencing this problem, so we do hear from our other counties that are in our area, our region that they are experiencing this as well, we’re trying to be creative. We’re starting to do targeted marketing campaigns outside of the county,” said Querry.

Querry says her office is hoping that by reaching out to prospective employees outside of Carteret County, they might find people willing to commute or relocate.

Querry also says many businesses are so desperate to find help that many are willing to do additional training for new employees.

The Beaufort Hotel hiring event is taking place on April 13th, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. You can also apply now for available positions on their website at

For more jobs within Carteret County you can visit,

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