What you can expect after mass vaccinations

Published: Jan. 21, 2021 at 7:21 PM EST
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NEW BERN, N.C. (WITN) -Many all around our state are pulling up their sleeves to get the COVID-19 shot. Some are busy calling health care providers to schedule their appointment while others are waiting it out.

“To see what the side effects are going to be, you know eventually long term,” said New Bern resident, Tony Letson.

For those who do plan to get the vaccine when their time comes, what happens after many of us do get it?

One physician says first we’ll start to see the number of infections go down.

“The vaccine’s a way out because if you get infected and you’ve had the vaccination you won’t get very sick and you won’t be infectious for very long and that’ll help drive the numbers down,” said CarolinaEast Physician, Paul Healy.

Explaining when the number of infections goes down the number of hospitalizations and deaths do too, and once those numbers decline to a certain point we could see mandates weaken.

“Then I think the people in public office and the public health people they’ll tell us okay let’s make life better for us,” said Healy.

But this isn’t going to happen overnight. Healy expects it’s going to take time. As we wait on that decline he warns first responders and seniors shouldn’t let their guard down just yet.

“So you still need to be cautious especially if you’ve been exposed or if you’re around other family that aren’t vaccinated,” Healy said.

Yet with each shot comes hope.

“As more and more people get vaccinated, the cases are going to drop and we’re gonna feel a lot more comfortable about interacting with others,” said Healy.

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