HEALTH EXPERTS: Yes, you should get the vaccine, even if you’ve already had the virus

Current virus science says immunity only lasts about 90 days after a COVID-19 diagnosis.
Published: Dec. 16, 2020 at 8:15 PM EST
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JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - It’s safe for everyone 16 and older to get the coronavirus vaccine, and everyone should, according to health officials.

Nearly 17 million people have tested positive for the coronavirus in the United States, and health experts say they should get vaccinated as well.

“The information that I’m looking at right now says if you have COVID, you should have at least 90 days where you have an immunity,” said Jones County Interim Health Director Ann Pike.

That’s right past the point that Kelli Kitzmiller has passed. It has been a long road to recovery since she tested positive in August.

“I was quarantined away into my bedroom away from my family,” said Kitzmiller. “And, it still took me about a month to get energy back and be able to function.”

After being bed-ridden for nearly two weeks and unknowingly passing the virus to her daughter, husband, and mother, she has recovered, but not entirely.

“I still do not have smell, and I do not have taste,” she continued. “It’s made my asthma to where I have to take my steroid puffs and my other puffs just to function day-to-day.”

It could be months before a vaccine is even available to Kitzmiller, who is prepared to take it but is hesitant.

“I am conflicted,” she said. “I would love to have it. I do not know what any of the long-term adverse effects of this vaccine are.”

Health experts recommend she should get the vaccine since it’s not entirely clear how long the virus’s immunity would last.

Kitzmiller added that she’s prepared to continue to take necessary precautions until health experts give the all-clear, and she hopes others do the same.

“I will get it. I’m just nervous about being in the first batch to get it,” she said. “I may end up having these symptoms for the rest of my life. They said if it does resolve, I can be looking at recovery for up to a year.”

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