Schools looking for options as students struggle amid virtual learning

Published: Dec. 2, 2020 at 8:11 PM EST
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NEW BERN, N.C. (WITN) - Recent studies have shown students across the country are struggling with virtual learning, and it’s being reflected in test scores. In Craven County, School leaders say this wasn’t completely unexpected but is something that they are working around the clock to address so students don’t fall even further behind.

Craven County Schools look for ways to keep students from falling behind
Craven County Schools look for ways to keep students from falling behind

Dr. Meghan Doyle is the Superintendent for Craven County Schools and says right now many students are having difficulty retaining the information they are learning. “As far as learning is concerned we know students are behind, they are not getting the same level of instruction that they were getting when they were face to face. There is nothing, any of us at this point that face to face instruction isn’t one of the most important things that we provide to children,” said Dr. Doyle.

Dr. Doyle says the school system is currently working to figure out how to proceed, trying to determine what needs to happen to ensure that students are ready for not only the spring semester but also the next school year.

“Our challenge is trying to figure out where our students are, and give them opportunities to be successful and not let them lose hope,” explained Dr. Doyle.

While some students are having problems finishing assignments and comprehending the information, that isn’t the case for everyone, and educators say it’s not completely unexpected.

“We knew some kids were not going to be successful, we knew that more kids than normal would not be successful. I think what we could not have predicted is the length of time we’d have to be in this state and I don’t think our students really see an end or a light at the end of the tunnel,” said Dr. Doyle.

Leaders do say that parents have been very involved in the education process this year, and that has been instrumental in why more children aren’t falling behind, but they say don’t give up and parents should continue to check in. “Check on your kids everyday, ask if they are getting their assignments done, and that communication with teachers is really critical,” said Dr. Doyle.

Educators say they encourage parents to reach out to their child’s teachers or school if they have questions or need help.

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