A Little Bit of Sunshine: A proposal photobomb + a surprise tutor

A Little Bit of Sunshine October 16
A Little Bit of Sunshine October 16(CNN)
Published: Oct. 16, 2020 at 8:16 AM EDT
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - The coronavirus pandemic can feel scary and overwhelming, which is why the WITN News at Sunrise team wants to share some good stories happening in our world every Friday morning.

The WITN News at Sunrise team will each pick a story highlighting the helpers, the givers or just anything to simply make you smile during this trying time.

The stories will highlight people in our own community, country or around the world.

Here are the stories highlighted on October 16:

Liz’s Choice:

It was a happily ever after featuring former NBA star Dwayne Wade.

Ryan Basch was down on one knee in front of his now-fiancee Katie Ryan on a beach in Southern California when the three-time NBA champion accidentally photobombed the proposal.

The Instagram photos show Wade taking a sunset stroll, then putting his hand on his heart in awe when he realized what he was witnessing. He then decided to join in on the couple’s photo shoot.

Wade responded to Basch’s Instagram post, “I need y’alls marriage to work, it’s now on my conscious.”

Talk about a slam dunk ending to this fairy tale love story.

Jim’s Choice:

Doug Garner, also known as paw paw, is trading the tractor for tutoring.

He is 89-years-old and only got as far as ninth grade. He went to work with his uncle as a carpenter. Now, a couple of days a week, he’s at home in Moore County with his great granddaughter Tory, a first grader who is learning remotely.

Back in paw paw’s day, there were no calculators. You figured it out by counting on fingers and writing it down. Now, he’s teaching his great granddaughter math in the garden. She helps him count all the vegetables he grows all while learning math the old fashioned way.

It’s something they say will stick with them forever.

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