Hurricane-recovering Trenton collecting supplies for hurricane-devastated Louisiana

Western Louisiana was hit with its second major hurricane in less than two months last week.
Published: Oct. 12, 2020 at 7:44 PM EDT
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TRENTON, N.C. (WITN) - Just 15 miles east from where Hurricane Laura made landfall in Southwest Louisiana in August, Hurricane Delta set back weeks of progress.

Leaving thousands feeling helpless. A feeling Pam Forrester knows well.

“Our community is coming back,” said Forrester, of Trenton. “We’ve been helped so much that we reach out to them because our pain was real. We know theirs is real too.”

Forrester is still recovering from the destruction left behind by Hurricane Florence in 2018. She was displaced from her home for two years.

“People just came from everywhere to help us,” said Forrester. “I found that everybody here in Jones County and Trenton wants to give back.”

That is why when she saw the damage from Hurricane Laura and the feet of flooding from Hurricane Delta, she, along with the Marco Patriots, jumped to help.

Forrester is organizing a drive of water and sports drinks for the patriots to take down to Abbeville, Louisiana, just days after they returned to North Carolina from helping clear the debris in the aftermath of the storm.

“These guys have the biggest hearts out of anyone I’ve ever seen on anybody,” said Allan Garry, the leader of the North Carolina chapter of Marco Patriots. “Not only is it devastating in the moment, but it’s devastating in the weeks and years afterward.”

The drive is taking place across Eastern North Carolina. Forrester’s drive is outside Brock Motor Company until Thursday at 3 p.m.

“It just brings you hope, and that’s what it is when you see water pulling in, and it’s just bottled water. It’s hope,” said Forrester.

“The first time you see hope moving and God moving through a community, and they come together like you’ve never seen people come together before,” said Garry. “It’s contagious, and it’s hard not to want to be a part of something like that.”

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