Supreme Court vacancy, COVID relief big topics in second U.S. Senate debate

Second U.S. Senate Debate in North Carolina
Second U.S. Senate Debate in North Carolina(WNCT)
Published: Sep. 22, 2020 at 10:28 PM EDT
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RALEIGH, N.C. (WITN) - Another U.S. Senate debate wrapped up earlier Tuesday night, between incumbent Republican Senator Thom Tillis and Democratic candidate Cal Cunningham.

The debate covered a wide variety of topics, just like the first debate, including the vacant Supreme Court seat, a COVID-19 relief package and the legalization of marijuana.

Tillis says his opponent will say anything to get elected, Cunningham stated that the Senator is too weak to represent North Carolinians.

The debate started on the topic of the vacant Supreme Court seat, after the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Senator Tillis said President Trump deserves to send forth a nominee and that he intends on hearing him in the Judiciary committee and then move for passage on the floor.

Tillis said Joe Biden will nominate judges from the radical left while Cunningham said Tillis wants to rush into partisan politics.

Cunningham said he thinks we need to hear from people of the state and then the next Senate and next President can discuss the lifetime appointment of a judge.

With 11.3% of people in our state who don’t have health insurance, the candidates discussed how they would improve this.

The candidates touched base, once again, on police reform and federal force against riots which Cunningham does not agree with while Tillis does.

Tillis and Cunningham were asked about border security as well, Tillis saying he thinks we need to have people, technology and infrastructure to do the job and that he supports putting up infrastructure.

Cunningham said it requires more than physical barriers like technology and people.

One of the final topics discussed Tuesday night was mail-in ballots, where both candidates agree that mail-in ballots are efficient.

Tillis and Cunningham were also asked about where they stand when it comes to legalizing marijuana in our state.

Both candidates said they smoked marijuana when they were younger but Tillis says he does not support statewide legalization while Cunningham said if it is legalized, it should be regulated.

Both candidates agreed that the national debt crisis should be dealt with by the next Congress.

The next debate will be October 1st.

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