COVID weddings inspire creativity and soul searching

Published: Sep. 11, 2020 at 7:49 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -From concerts, sporting events, birthday parties, and even weddings, the coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on events all over the country, postponing saved dates or cancelling them all together.

But one bride didn’t let the pandemic stop her from having her big day.

Instead, she learned to adapt and thrive.

Caroline Callahan and her fiancé had their wedding date set for this October and were ready to hear wedding bells.

She said her initial thought was that they only thing she had to worry about was rain on her wedding day, until the COVID-19 pandemic hit, bringing their plans along with many others to a screeching halt.

The North Carolina Wedding Facebook Group with nearly 8,000 members has been able to help brides like Caroline, vendors and others involved in weddings, connect and create a special day, even during the pandemic.

Callahan and her fiancé joined the group after they picked a new spot to get married.

She said she looked at a map and chose a spot where both families could travel to, so she picked the Outer Banks.

Now she offers advice to other brides in her shoes.

But brides aren’t the only ones impacted by the pandemic.

Vendors are also adjusting to the new way of life, with some help from the North Carolina Wedding Facebook Group, they are able to stay in business.

Callahan said what really helped her out during this situation was having a strong support system.

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