Sheriff’s Office welcomes new specialized K9

Published: Sep. 9, 2020 at 7:35 PM EDT
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CRAVEN COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - The Craven County Sheriff’s Office has officially welcomed a new member to their team, and this one comes with incredible tracking abilities. K9 Rhys is the newest member of the Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit.

Craven County Sheriff's office welcomes new K9 Bloodhound
Craven County Sheriff's office welcomes new K9 Bloodhound(witn)

Rhys is a bloodhound that has been trained in search and rescue and article tracking. This new pup is the only bloodhound in the K9 Unit.

Sheriff Chip Hughes says this new addition will help round out their unit of 5 dogs. "We’ve been concentrating up to this point really on the narcotics aspect and when I talked with Sgt. Hopper the missing component was having one that could focus on search and rescue,” said Hughes.

Sgt. Hopper with the Sheriff’s Office leads the K9 unit in Craven County, she explained that Rhys is the only dog that has been trained to focus on long range tracking.

"We have five, three of those are Belgian Malinois and one is a Pit Bull, and they are patrol dogs. They are trained in everything from criminal apprehension to tracking and to illegal narcotics, and with Rhys here, he is so special because he specializes in only one thing and that’s the tracking and trailing,” said Sgt. Hopper.

Rhys isn’t just joining the K9 Unit, he also has a new partner, Cpl. Moses is his handler. The two have completed training together and are now on patrol. Cpl. Moses says even though they haven’t been together long their bond is already incredibly strong.

“I absolutely love him, absolutely in love, and he doesn’t like to be away from me either, when I put him in his kennel at night he sings what I like to call the bloodhound blues,” said Cpl. Moses.

Rhys was donated to the Sheriff’s Office through a nonprofit organization called Highland Canine Connect out of Harmony, NC. The group selected Craven County to receive not just Rhys but also the training for Cpl. Moses.

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