Teacher of the Week: Serena Current from Washington High School

WITN’s Teacher of the Week for September 2 is Serena Current, an exceptional children’s teacher at Washington High School.
Published: Sep. 2, 2020 at 8:36 AM EDT
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BEAUFORT COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - WITN’s Teacher of the Week for September 2 is Serena Current, an exceptional children’s teacher at Washington High School.

A career in education has been a lifelong dream for Current. She comes from a family of teachers dating back generations, so she says it’s no surprise the desire was instilled in her at a young age. In fact, she says she decided she wanted to be a teacher at just three years old!

She became interested in teaching exceptional children after she began volunteering with Special Olympics and Project Unify in high school. Current continued to pursue that path in college. She graduated from ECU with a major in Special Education- Adaptive Curriculum.

Current is currently in her second year of teaching at Washington High School.

She received three separate nominations for Teacher of the Week. The first person who nominated Ms. Current wrote, “Serena Current at Washington High School is an amazing Exceptional Children’s teacher. She truly creates a family within her adaptive class. Serena is a fairly new teacher but to see her in action, you would never know it.

She has created a small business with her students and everyone has a task. Serena worked with one of our Health/PE teachers to have physical education on a regular basis. She then initiated a program she had been a part of with other students to assist and spend time with these wonderful children, acclimating both to the diversity within our school.

These great kids made Thanksgiving meals and invited our custodial staff to break with them. The table was brimming with food. They made delicious cookies to serve with their Friday Coffee Run.

Serena created a loving and safe environment for her students and the rest of us at school have been blessed as she shares experiences with us. It would be difficult to find such a loving and inspiring individual anywhere else.”

Another nomination said, “I would like to nominate Miss Serena Current of Washington High School for your Teacher of the Week recognition.

Miss Current is the teacher in the adapted curriculum self-contained classroom at WHS. She has 12 students, including my son, who have very specific and special needs. She pours everything that she has into these children and they love her deeply. Miss Current spends hours and hours preparing for and implementing incredible activities and learning opportunities for her students. She also makes sure that non-disabled peers in the school have numerous opportunities to interact with and assist her students. The result has been incredible relationships that benefit every single student involved.

During this recent school shut down, Miss Current has hosted several Zoom meetings so the students can see and speak to one another. When the students see Miss Current and their classmates, their faces brighten up!! She has also provided numerous online activities that the students can use to continue to practice skills learned. She has recorded herself reading to the students, among many other things. For example, Miss Current delivered Easter baskets to each student. The baskets were stuffed with goodies specific to the likes of each student. She knows each of them so well.

I feel that there is nothing that Miss Current would not do for my son or any other student in her class. That deserves recognition!”

The final person who nominated her wrote: “Ms. Current is only in her first few years of teaching, but by the way that she acts and teaches, you would think she’s been teaching for several years. She loves her students more than I knew someone could love somebody and her time and passion she puts into her job just shows you that she cares. She has made me realize how unique autism is and has inspired me to be a Special Education teacher. She is phenomenal and overall a wonderful person in and out of the classroom.”

Congratulations, Ms. Current!

Every week during the school year WITN will recognize a Teacher of the Week on WITN News at Sunrise. The winner receives a plaque and $100 gift card for school supplies.

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