Greene County Schools prepare for new year

Published: Aug. 14, 2020 at 10:03 PM EDT
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GREENE COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - At West Greene Elementary School, right after you drop your kids off Monday, they will be greeted with a mask and temperature check.

If your kid has a fever, Dr. Patrick Miller, the Superintendent of Greene County Schools, says, “We have isolation rooms in each school to identify these students and work with the parents and the local health department to come and get those kids.”

Beth Radford is a second-grade teacher at West Greene Elementary School and says once her kids get into the classroom she has a video for them to watch about what school will look like this year, and then she’s going to share safe ways to say hello.

Radford said, “We’re gonna talk about how we can fist bump or maybe bump with our feet and just let them come up with ideas.”

In Radford’s classroom, there are two desks paired beside each other. One desk is for the students that will come the first week and the other desk is for the student that comes the following week, as groups alternate in-person learning weeks. This way no one is sitting beside each other or sharing desks.

Radford said, “Each child will have their own space, so two children will not be sharing desks in my classroom.”

Teachers have even had to come up with procedures for handling books, pencils, and other classroom supplies.

As for lunch, the school superintendent said there will only be one entrée a day for lunch and it will be brought to each classroom on a cart. Teachers have also come up with socially distant games kids can play at recess like “Shadow tag, Simon Says. “I even plan to bring a blue tooth speaker outside and have dance parties,” Radford said.

Superintendent Miller said all these precautions are being put in place to keep the school doors open. Miller said, “Our goal is not to open school, its to keep school open and in order to do that everybody has to control the controllable.”

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