New Bern residents recall Florence while bracing for Isaias

Published: Aug. 1, 2020 at 8:37 PM EDT
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It will be two years ago next month that Hurricane Florence devastated the lives of many in Eastern North Carolina.

The storm left streets, homes and even cars flooded.

”Florence? Oh that was a horrible storm, yeah. it was very devastating,” says New Bern resident Joe Romanski.

Both Romanski’s car and house suffered severe flood damage during the storm.

While getting a new car and re-paring his home was a quick fix, Romanski says it was a different story for the community as a whole.

“The community is still recuperating from it,” Romanski adds.

Since Florence, New Bern and its residents have spent nearly two years re-building what was lost.

Now as Tropical Storm Isaias approaches, they face the possibility of further impacts to the city.

While those impacts are still to be determined, with possible changes over the coming days, Romanski says he doesn’t think the storm will bring with it the destruction that previous storms have.

“This storm, I really don’t think its going to do much I’m really not worried about it,” says Romanski.

For other residents like Ivy Wilder-Moore, she is putting mother nature in the hands of her faith, while taking steps to prepare.

“I just think it’ll be fine, just keep trusting God and get your water and your bread cause you need to make sure you have that.”

Craven County is reminding residents right now is the time to check your emergency preparedness kits if you haven’t done so already, as well as your household evacuation plans should they be necessary.

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