Front line workers in North Carolina share experiences via video diaries

Published: Jul. 24, 2020 at 1:33 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - Front line medical workers in North Carolina are describing their difficult experiences amid the pandemic through video diary entries. Here is a look at one:

“Hello, my name is Ruth Exis. I’m getting ready to go home. I’m assistant nurse manager on a COVID intermediate unit at Novant Health Presbyterian, Charlotte, North Carolina. Today has been another rewarding day of seeing people rising above and beyond the daily challenges of the pandemic.

I see every day, and as I saw today, great teamwork and dependence on one another. Today, for me, especially It was another day to have the opportunity to connect more intentionally with our patients and with their families.

I realize every day that I am the voice of the patient and we are also the voice of the family to the patient. Every day, I try to be intentional, and I was today, to communicate hope and life to both the patient and the family. Today was an especially great day for me. I had the sacred opportunity to FaceTime with a patient I had last week who was on high levels of oxygen. She was on 15 liters of high flow oxygen. But today she was on room air and she was able to talk and smile with her family and the family was able to smile back. To see them smile at their loved ones and their loved ones smile back was amazing.

I have learned during this pandemic, to appreciate the impact of the simple and the ordinary. It’s become a place for me where the ordinary act of using the phone to connect with a family is now appreciated as an extraordinary act. And together as a team of nurses, doctors, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, EBS, X ray, radiology -- as a team, every day, we facilitate the opportunity for the ordinary to become extraordinary. And I want to also say thank, thank you to all the families who pray and hope every day for their loved ones in the hospital. Because it is hope that will take us through this, and we will get through this. So keep hoping and keep believing.”

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