Frequently Asked Questions - First Alert Desktop

Q: What is WITN’s First Alert?
WITN’s First Alert is a totally free, real-time weather, news headline and marketing application that resides on your desktop and keeps you posted on local current conditions, weather and promotional alerts, breaking news and the latest headlines. It provides live streaming local and national radar images as well as video that can be zoomed in and out.

With WITN’s First Alert, you get immediate notification of weather warnings from the National Weather Service. You will be informed of the latest breaking news from out station.

Q: Can I choose the location from which I get my current conditions, such as temperature?
Yes, if you choose which location

Q: How often are weather conditions updated?
Conditions such as temperature, wind, etc. are normally updated by the National Weather Service reporting station once every hour. On some occasions a report may not be issued by the station every hour in which case the temperature will remain the same until that reporting station provides an updated report. Warnings are issued immediately after release by the National Weather Service.

Q: Can I change my mind and select a different location later?
Yes, select the Target icon under the X on the main application window and select the desired location from the list, or click on the Menu link, select options, and then select the new location from the drop down menu.

Q: How often do you update news stories?
News headlines are updated simultaneously with our Web site throughout the day. You can expect breaking weather and news delivered to your desktop with the same immediacy you expect from our local news site without having to do a thing but click on the News link and select a story to view.

Q: What are the system requirements for installing WITN’s First Alert?
As a minimum you should have Windows 95/98. WITN’s First Alert operates best on Win 2000/NT4 SP6/XP. 6 MB hard disk space 64 MB RAM

Q: How large is the download for WITN’s First Alert?
The download for the WITN’s First Alert application is 3-5 Megabytes in size.

Q: How do I install WITN’s First Alert?
To install WITN’s First Alert, submit the registration form and download the application to your desktop. Once downloaded, the installation should begin, if not, double click on the downloaded install file.

The installation software will guide you as you install the application on your desktop.
Estimated installation/download times:
Cable Modem/DSL/T1 - 2 to 3 minutes
56k Modem - 9 to 10 minutes
28.8 Modem - 14 to 15 minutes

Q: The temperature in the Current Conditions display is wrong.
WITN’s First Alert requires that you be connected to the Internet in order for it to work. It does not require the use of a Web browser or e-mail program but the connection to the Internet must be made. Users with dial-up modems may want have to stop and start the application as they use the Internet on their computer for current information.

Q: How much of my Windows system resources will be used?
WITN’s First Alert will use approximately 12 Megabytes of your system memory.

Q: Does WITN’s First Alert take up a lot bandwidth?
Running the application for an hour uses about as much bandwidth as loading a single Web page.

Q: Does WITN’s First Alert use a lot of CPU power?
Running WITN’s First Alert for an hour in the worst-case scenario with full warnings and ad rotations in effect, and with the user clicking and zooming radar, the application uses about two-tenths of one percent of the total CPU time. It has normal spikes when performing complex tasks, such as startup and shutdown, but the overall use is extremely low.

Q: Is WITN’s First Alert compatible with Mac Computers?
Only if the Mac computer you are using has a PC emulator installed. Without that, WITN’s First Alert will not work on a Mac.

Q: Does WITN’s First Alert contain spyware or adware?
WITN’s First Alert does not contain any spyware or adware, and does not install any applications that do. A full security document is available for further information. WITN’s First Alert does have advertising space, and will be sold to a trusted local advertiser.

Q: Will WITN’s First Alert slow down my office network if a lot of people run the application?
WITN’s First Alert has a built-in cache server that connects directly to WITN’s First Alert servers and disseminates the updated data (only if new data exists) to other apps on the network therefore eliminating the "clogging" of the company's Internet connection.

Q: What do I do if I have problems with WITN’s First Alert?
Simply click on the Menu button on WITN’s First Alert Application Face and select Technical Support. Fill in the e-mail with your problem and someone will get back in touch with you quickly. If you have problems before you complete your installation, simply Click Here to send an e-mail to Technical Support.

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