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Updated: 10/11/2017 - Deep in the Atlantic, Ophelia has become a hurricane with 75 mph sustained winds. The storm will not have any impacts and will stay well out to sea.

Updated: 10/09/2017 - Nate slogged its way across the U.S. East Coast on Monday, dumping heavy rains and bringing gusty winds to inland states as a tropical depression, a day after Hurricane Nate brought a burst of flooding and power outages to the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Posted: 10/08/2017 - Nate's strength has drastically dropped since making landfall Saturday night. It is now down to tropical depression strength with further weakening expected.

Updated: 10/09/2017 - The AP studied more than 167 of federal storm data, finding that there hasn't been a 30 year period that has seen as many major storms as we have this year.

Updated: 09/29/2017 - On Wednesday, the crew captured pictures of their mission to restores aids to navigation buoys in San Juan.

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