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Helicopter rescue team training in Beaufort County

A three day training exercise for multiple emergency agencies in the east entered its second day Thursday as those organizations train for water rescues in a number of situations.

Chris M Washington 2

Chris M Washington 2

Yard Giveaway

A community event designed to help meet the needs of families in our communities and beyond with items such as clothing, shoes, household items, children coats, food and more. All items are received through donations and are completely free and open to the public.

Hotels closed long-term could impact tourism, Mumfest in New Bern

Two hotels located in Downtown New Bern could take months to repair after historic flooding in the area, which could have a major impact on the city's annual Mumfest celebration.

Houses high and dry but surrounded by floodwaters in Vanceboro

Previous floods forced residents of Streets Ferry Road in Vanceboro to raise their homes to get them out of harms way, but they still have a problem.

New Bern family begins the long process of recovery from Florence

As the water recedes and people are able to make it back home, they have the long road ahead of trying to rebuild.

Seven Springs dealing with major flooding

Seven Springs in Wayne County continues to deal with major flooding after Hurricane Florence.


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Snapchat addict who posted video of dying boyfriend is sentenced to 14 years for manslaughter

As Safi "lay dying after being stabbed, her first thought was to capture the moment for social media."

Florence floodwaters breach dam at power plant; coal ash could spill

Duke Energy can't rule out that ash might be escaping and flowing into the river.

Wisconsin shooting suspect had gun permit revoked

Police still don't know what motivated the Wednesday morning attack or if the victims were targeted or shot at random.

Rail company blamed for Hurricane Florence flooding in North Carolina town

"We're talking about a company that placed life in danger, placed millions of dollars of personal property of individuals in danger to protect their own interests," a local leader said.

Alzheimer's cases to nearly triple by 2060, CDC says

African Americans and Hispanics are hardest hit by the growing epidemic, the statistics show.