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Take a look at this!

Take a look at this!

Domestic call results in drug charges for Craven County man

A Craven County man is behind bars after authorities say they found cocaine at his home when they responded there for another call.

Great Trent River Raft Race returning to New Bern this weekend

After a long hiatus, the raft race in New Bern is making a comeback, and contestants are ready to hit the water Saturday.

Learning trail opens for children in Craven County

A new interactive learning trail has opened up in an eastern Carolina neighborhood and those who installed it are hoping it will help kids learn while they are having fun.

Weather Authority Forecast for Friday, June 22nd 430AM

Weather Authority Forecast for Friday, June 22nd 430AM

Saving Graces for Felines: Callie

Saving Graces for Felines: Callie


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Moving lump in woman's face was a worm

The parasite, a cousin of heartworm, is found in Europe, Africa and Asia and can grow to as long as six inches.

Common childhood virus is linked with Alzheimer's

Herpes viruses which cause roseola, one of the most common childhood illnesses, more abundant in brains of people who died of Alzheimer's

'It's killing me': Migrant mother separated from son on his sixth birthday

Honduran migrant Iris Yolany Eufragio-Mancia doesn't know if she will see her son, Ederson, before she is deported.

Former Houston Texan cheerleader claims coach duct-taped her

"The coach explained I looked 'skinny-fat' and I needed to work on this if I wanted to continue dancing in the games," Angelina Rosa said.

U.S. citizen arrested during Vietnam protest still not charged with crime

Earlier this week, Will Nguyen reportedly confessed on state television in Vietnam. His friends and family say the confession appeared to be coerced.