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Jacksonville organization gives out over 1,000 Thanksgiving meals

A Thanksgiving tradition was underway in Jacksonville as community members and volunteers gathered for the Onslow Community Outreach Thanksgiving meal.

Jacksonville military community gobbles up 2,000 turkey dinners from USO

Service members and their families were enjoying a traditional holiday spread at the USO of Jacksonville.

Greenville center serves up Thanksgiving feast to community

The Eastern Carolina community made sure to honor what the Thanksgiving holiday is all about, which is the act of giving and sharing a holiday meal with family and friends.

Tree lot owner hasn't had Thanksgiving dinner at home since he was 15

While some people were warm inside their home or their family's home and were able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, others were working.

Weather Authority Forecast for Friday, November 24th 4AM

Weather Authority Forecast for Friday, November 24th 4AM

Community comes together for Thanksgiving feast at Greenville church

Bringing together members from all parts of the community. That was the goal at one local Thanksgiving dinner at a church in the east.


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Ex-Mugabe henchman dubbed 'The Crocodile' takes office in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's new leader is Emmerson Mnangagwa, a former guerrilla fighter who is accused of overseeing the deaths of thousands of political opponents.

Supreme Court to rule on police use of cell phone records without warrant

On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court considers whether access to a person's cell phone data should require a search warrant issued by a judge.

Oscar Pistorius' murder sentence more than doubled

South Africa's Supreme Court of Appeal extended the double-amputee's prison term after prosecutors argued his original sentence was "shockingly lenient."

Despot Mugabe gets immunity, pension and vacation fund

A government source said Robert Mugabe, who is aged 93, told negotiators he wanted to die in Zimbabwe and had no plans to live in exile.

Navy ends rescue effort for 3 sailors missing after plane crash

Search and rescue operations were ended Friday Japan time for three sailors missing after a plane with 11 aboard crashed in the Philippine Sea, the Navy said.