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Charles Eden Arrives Aboard the “Silver Chalice” 1713 Royal Governor of the Colony of North Carolina

May 18, 2013 n/a

Edenton, NC

Charles Eden Arrives Aboard the “Silver Chalice”
1713 Royal Governor of the Colony of North Carolina

On Saturday, May 18, 2013. Governor “Eden” will arrive in Edenton Harbor by water aboard the Silver Chalice. Edenton’s 300th Anniversary commemorates the events that led to the formation of North Carolina and the appointment of Charles Eden as Governor, on recommendation by the Lords Proprietors of North Carolina to Her Majesty, Queen Anne in 1713. The Silver Chalice was constructed for Roanoke Island Festival Park in Manteo, NC, and its original is recorded as being on or near the site of the very first settlers, “Lost Colony”. The current boat was modeled after boats used for exploring the shallow waters of the Outer Banks, Pamlico and Albemarle Sound. It is very appropriate for Charles Eden’s arrival May 18th (11 am 505 South Broad Street, Edenton, NC) in celebration of Edenton and North Carolina’s 300th Anniversary because it is copied from an English boat that worked such waters in 1585 with the exact same specifications, 24’ long with a beam of 8’.

The Silver Chalice can carry up to 15 people including a crew of 5-7 when under sail. The boat is rigged for rowing as well as sailing, has two masts and for its size carries a large amount of sail. A larger boat such as those bringing the settlers to the New World could not navigate close to shore and these boats were the, “work horse” for the voyagers, explorers and hunters. They also served as fishing, netting and cargo haulers as trade advanced in the region. The Chalice is built with Oak and Cedar, a draft of 2.5’ to 3’ allowed explorers to come close to shore and explore creeks such as Salmon, Pembroke and Queen Anne’s Creeks such as it will on May 18th as Governor Eden makes his way to the Edenton Town Docks on Edenton Bay for disembarking. It is assumed Nathaniel Batts, the first recorded European to permanently settle in North Carolina in 1655, settled at the conjunction of the Roanoke River and Salmon Creek near Edenton in a boat similar to the Silver Chalice.

The boats of this type were prevalent as “chase boats” accompanying larger vessels on journeys to provide transportation in areas not reachable by the deep drafts of early sailing vessels. The other value of these boats was the obvious asset of having sail power as well as rowing. In a decent wind these boats reputedly saved many settlers from marauding natives attacking by canoe. It also enabled the settlers to complete much longer exploratory trips in much less time than by rowing or paddling.

We look forward to having you join us as the 1713 Royal Governor Charles Eden arrives on the Silver Chalice in celebration of 300 years of history in what calls “One of America’s Prettiest Towns”, Edenton, North Carolina.