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TRWP Young Writers Camp: "Write Here! Write Now!" (HS)

Event Dates and Times

7/18/2013 - 7/26/2013
ECU Campus

At this summer camp hosted by Tar River Writing Project, a non-profit organization partnered with ECU, young writers will explore descriptive writing. Daily activities enable the exploration and free expression that help make the writing experience fun and rewarding. Daily journal writing, writing marathons, and writing workshops are blended with activities in other creative arts such as drama, music, photography, and drawing. Young writers engage in crafting a variety of writing forms, such as poems, autobiographical/ character sketches, short stories, and observations of nature and people.

The camp fee is $200 per student writer. Please pay only the $25 registration fee when you apply.
Chris Bethel, 910-546-7484, bethelc99@students.ecu.edu