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TRWP Young Writers Camp: "DIY Maker Camp" (MS/HS)

Event Dates and Times

7/22/2013 - 7/26/2013
ECU Campus

At this summer camp hosted by Tar River Writing Project, a non-profit organization partnered with ECU, young makers will have opportunities to connect their texts, images, sounds, videos, and other products with makers across social networks. In this context, “writing as making,” which follows a design approach to writing, young makers come to understand texts as products and processes that do real work in the world. Throughout the week, we will work to re-purpose found objects and to create e-textiles, digital stories, and a collaborative online project using Google Maps and other digital tools. On Friday afternoon, campers will enjoy a pizza lunch followed by parents joining us for a showcase of camper’s work.

The camp fee is $150 per student writer. Please pay only the $25 registration fee when you apply.
Chris Bethel, 910-546-7484, bethelc99@students.ecu.edu