HDTV Update

Digital Television is available in Eastern Carolina!

So what's new?

If you have a digital television set equipped with a digital receiver or a digital converter you will be able to watch WITN-DT on digital channel 7.1 or see the "WITN 2" MyTV on channel 7.2 or "WITN 3" Me-TV Network on channel 7.3. In addition, if you have a digital High Definition TV you can enjoy superior quality HDTV programming from NBC. Most of our cable carriers also offer WITN-HD on their local digital broadcast tier. WITN-HD can be found on channel 108 on Suddenlink HDTV Digital cable boxes (different from standard digital cable boxes), the WITN My TV on channel 138 on Suddenlink Digital Cable boxes and channel 121 on Time Warner Digital Cable. WITN's Me-TV (WITN 3) is available on Suddenlink channel 139. In addition, both the Dish Network and DirecTV offer WITN-HD as a local-to-local signal for subscribers to the high definition tier.

WITN’s digital signals are also offered on Charter Cable, Tri-County Cable and Red’s TV in Bath.

Many of our cable carriers also offer WITN digital signal in their basic cable line-up as long as you are connected to a newer television with a digital tuner. WITN-HD (NBC) can be found on channel 108 with WITN 2 (Me-TV) on channel 138 and WITN 3 (Me-TV on channel 139 (may show up as channel 166 in Greenville). In the southern part of our viewing area on Time Warner Digital Cable out of Newport and Jacksonville, with basic cable and a digital tuner you should find the channels scanned in as 7.1 and 7.2.

All of the cable and satellite operators now take WITN's digital signal and down-convert it to Standard Definition on the basic channel tiers.

Click here to view the current programming line-up and latest cable channel assignments.

Digital TV - Frequently Asked Questions

For More Info log onto www.dtvanswers.com.

The website will provide you with information on digital televisions, digital converter boxes and advice on the selection and use of antennas.

What is Digital TV (DTV)?

Digital Television (DTV) is an advanced broadcasting technology that has transformed your television viewing experience. DTV has enabled broadcasters to offer television with better picture and sound quality. It also offers multiple programming choices, called multicasting and interactive capabilities.

Why is DTV better than analog TV?

Digital TV brings viewers five times the picture resolution and clarity of analog TV, making viewers feel like they are right in the middle of the action on their screens. Digital TV uses binary code; the same system of ones and zeroes that runs on computers and digitally recorded compact discs.

Switching TV broadcasts to digital is like switching from cassette tape to compact disc or from a VHS tape to a DVD, the pictures are clearer, and sound is improved, giving viewers the opportunity to experience their favorite programs on a whole new level. In addition, with a 16:9 aspect ratio compared to today's 4:3 aspect ratio of analog television, High Definition Television lets viewers see much wider images.

Will consumers have to pay to receive DTV Broadcasts?

No. Unlike digital cable where consumers pay monthly fees for services, WITN-DT will provide high quality programming and more content via free, over-the-air broadcasts on digital channel 32 displaying as channels 7.1 7.2 and 7.3 using either a new digital television or a digital converter box connected to an older analog television set.

In addition, WITN 7.1 now offers our programming in full 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound.

What about my existing analog TV?

WITN and all other full-power TV stations ceased broadcasting an analog signal in 2009. WITN-TV now broadcasts in digital format only.

Viewers with analog sets will be able to convert the digital signal on Channel 32 to an analog signal by hooking up a digital tuner decoder box to their sets; however, they will not be able to experience the crystal clear pictures and sound quality that an HDTV set provides.

Please note that WITN-DT broadcasts on digital UHF channel 32, so you may need to use UHF antenna to be able to receive an acceptable signal. If you live more than 25 miles from our transmitter in Grifton, it is recommended that you use an outside antenna to ensure that you receive a reliable, stable signal. However, high winds can cause antenna movement (at both the transmitting and receiving locations) and cause the signal to fluctuate.

What are the different signals that viewers will see on a DTV?

Digital TV gives broadcasters the flexibility to bring viewers programming on different types of digital signals — ranging from high-definition to standard-definition. Digital TV signals have better resolution than analog TV, which has been in use for more than 50 years. High-definition digital signals also have five times the resolution than that of analog. With Digital TV, broadcasters can send various signals to consumers, including:

High-definition Television (HDTV) - An HDTV signal allows a broadcaster to transmit a wide-screen (16:9) picture with many times more detail than is contained in current analog TV pictures. HDTV brings viewers programming so crisp and so clear, it produces an image as sharp as reality, appearing almost 3-D. In addition HDTV offers unsurpassed audio quality.

Standard-definition Television (SDTV) - An SDTV signal is another type of signal that viewers experience through DTV. While SDTV signals eliminate ghosting and snow they are particularly remarkable because they occupy less space on the allocated spectrum than high-definition signals and bring viewers multiple channels of free, over-the-air programming from the same station.

What to look for when shopping for a new TV set today?

When shopping for a new TV set, consumers today have choices. Please visit www.ce.org for more information.

Are the new TV sets readily available?

All new television sets sold in America today are digital ready sets.

If I have digital cable, do I have DTV? If I buy a DTV, will it work with digital cable?

Digital cable is not the same as Digital Television. First, Digital TV can deliver picture quality superior to that of digital cable.

Digital cable refers only to how signals are transferred across cable. Moreover, because there are not yet universal interoperability standards, a digital set that is plugged into a digital cable set-top box only will receive an analog signal, withholding all the advantages of Digital Television from a consumer.

Most of our cable carriers now offer WITN-HD on their local digital broadcast tier. WITN-HD can be found on channel 108, WITN 2 on channel 138 and WITN 3 on channel 139 on Suddenlink digital cable boxes. On Time Warner Digital Cable out of Newport and Jacksonville you can find WITN-HD on channel 934 and WITN 2 (MyTV) on channel 121.

What if I only subscribe to Basic Cable or Basic Satellite TV?

You have nothing to worry about. Both the cable and satellite companies are receiving and retransmitting WITN's digital signal. They are taking care of the "conversion" for you. Therefore you do not need to purchase a new television, a digital converter box, or digital cable to watch WITN-TV. The cable or satellite company will pick up WITN-DT and then down convert the signal for you to watch or the channel that you have always used to enjoy WITN's programming.


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