NEW INFO: Parrott Academy Football Coaching Staff Put On Probation

WITN News has learned the entire football coaching staff at Arendell Parrott Academy in Kinston has been put on probation.

Chuck Carter, of the North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association, tells WITN News the reason for the probation is the coaching staff's behavior at the Northeast Academy game in Lasker on October 4.

As you'll recall, video shot at that football game between Parrott and the Northeast Academy Eagles shows members of the Parrott coaching staff going onto the field and pushing players.

"They need to avoid doing anything like that again," Carter told WITN. "If not, they are subject to more serious repercussions."

No Parrott coaches or players were ejected from the game. Two Northeast players were ejected from the game.

In a phone interview on October 5, Bert Bright, head football coach and assistant headmaster at Parrott Academy, would not comment on the coaching staff going onto the field. He reiterated that no one from Parrott was ejected, but that two players from Northeast were.

WITN has attempted to contact officials at Parrott Academy today but have been unable to do so. We've left messages.

When asked how often an entire coaching staff is put on suspension, Carter said it happened at another school about a year ago. The NCISAA is an athletic organization for independent schools across the state.

Previous Story:

A video posted on shows a heated scene on a local football field.

The Northeast Academy Eagles and the Arendell Parrott Academy Patriots of Kinston played Monday night on Eagles’ turf, in the Northampton County town of Lasker.

The game was originally scheduled for Friday but was rescheduled because of last week’s heavy rains and flooding.

A video posted on shows one of the contentious moments of the game, in which players were shoving each other, and coaches and staff went onto the field.

According to the Roanoke Daily Herald newspaper, coaches from Parrott came onto the field on two occasions to separate players and pushed NEA players.

The newspaper reports an official ended up calling the game over with over five minutes left, with NEA beating Parrott 54-21.

Both coaches talked with WITN Tuesday.

"We didn't have any player or coaches ejected, and Northeast Academy had two players ejected," said Bert Bright, head football coach and assistant headmaster at Parrott Academy, when asked about the nature of the game. "When the second Northeast Academy player was ejected, we requested the end of the game."

A short time later, the official called the game.

Bright said the football part of the game was fine, but pushing and shoving was a problem between plays. When asked about coaches going out onto the field, Bright said he had finishing issuing his statement, with no further comment.

Collin Sneed, head football coach of Northeast Academy, also spoke to WITN Tuesday afternoon.

Sneed said everything seemed to be going well during the game, but that the Parrott Academy coaching staff increased complaints to officials as his team took a sizeable lead.

As far as the Northeast Academy players who were ejected, Sneed said he believes the two were responding to pushing and shoving by Parrott players. He said he watched the game tape today, and the play before the first ejection shows a Parrott player sticking his hand in a Northeast Academy player's face mask, as well as pushing.

"I was very surprised there were no ejections for Parrott Academy," Sneed said.

"The video clearly shows a coach putting a hand on a kid," Sneed said. "It's ridiculous that a coach would put a hand on a kid."

Sneed said his team and Parrott are not scheduled to play each other again in the regular season, but it's possible they could meet up in the playoffs.

He also tells WITN his two ejected players, under league rules, can't play in the next game. They are both starters.

Both teams are a part of the NCISAA, the North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association, which is an athletic organization for independent schools across the state.

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  • by football mom Location: northampton on Nov 2, 2010 at 12:07 PM
    Lawrence academy fan are you saying that if you are in the lead you should not pass the football? why don't we just get ahead and the just put the football in middle of the field and all sit on the bench and watch the clock run down! Come on lets be realistic do you won't to play football or just down Northeast? Sounds to me you just are a sore looser. GROW UP your teenager has!!!
  • by lawrence mommy Location: merry hill on Oct 25, 2010 at 02:04 PM
    Lawrence was up 4 touchdowns and threw a pass with 2 ;48 left against Hobgood.Was that being unsportsmanlike or you just being hypocritical and whiny?
  • by Lawrence Academt fan on Oct 18, 2010 at 11:33 AM
    Northeast's sportsmanship is still no class. This past Friday night they threw a 50 yard touchdown pass against us in the fourth quarter with a fifty point lead. Thier lack of class is going to lead to more incidents.
  • by unbiased on Oct 15, 2010 at 05:23 PM
    Old news, nothings going to happen from this for either side. There is more to life than football. Everybody move on.
  • by OLDCOACH on Oct 15, 2010 at 11:59 AM
    WOW...WOW!!! As a coach I would not have a problem with the APA coach pushing one of my players to avoid another player getting injured. I would love to meet both coaches and find out exactly why they are coaching.
  • by not so bright Location: apa on Oct 15, 2010 at 11:14 AM
    HEY! Doesn't APA have a sideline video which totally exonerates Coach Bright and verifies everything that the APA faithful have testified on their sacred honor in this forum? Did they not show this exculpatory evidence to the N.C.I.S.S.A.? Why do they allow their coaching staff to be shamed in such a manner?Not doing so would make all their accusations seem baseless to any neutral observer and their many protests appear to be a p.r. campaign designed to cover guilt and sway public opinion.Surely they will now post the video.Unless....OH THE MENDACITY! OH THE HYPOCRISY! SAY IT AIN'T SO! How could they have promoted such a false representation of reality? Why would they make such an effort to deceive? I'm sure these concerns will keep them awake at night.
  • by KANE on Oct 15, 2010 at 08:19 AM
    Wow! The pushed some players to avoid a bench clearing brawl. What bunch of wimps we have running things around here.
  • by football mom Location: carolina on Oct 15, 2010 at 06:09 AM
    Its really sad that grown people have nothing else to do but throw stones. Parrott parents bragging about what you have done for colt and his family. You give and show your hospitality, big whoop! Do it and be humble not post it and expect a thank you. Eagle fans you can't really believe Colt's accident had anything to do with the incident at Lasker and the drive to win at what ever the cost. Everbody needs to be focusing their time and efforts towards PRAYING!! For Colt and his family. God hears all prayers not bragging about your good deeds,or focusing on past incidents. Lets all be gods children and follow him, not cast stones. You never know who lives in a glass house.PRAY!!!
  • by Duh on Oct 14, 2010 at 06:03 PM
    This is all about a game right? Ball, field, Play, fun....whatever. You have all lost sight of one thing...ITS A GAME...not real life and not really important.
  • by re APA Supporter on Oct 14, 2010 at 03:25 PM
    HEY APA atheletic supporters - anything you would like to add to your previous posts about the esteem APA atheletes oops i mean coaches. Careful what you ask for!

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